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Two steps to take before you shop art.

Buying art is fun and exciting. But also, an important decision that affects you space and design. So, what do you need to do before buying art that will give you confidence? Below are two steps to take before you shop art.

Firstly, you should take the time to measure the space where you intend to display the artwork. By doing this, you can guarantee that the piece you choose will fit perfectly in the space and complement the surrounding décor. Put these measurements in your phone or use an app like Easy Measure. Another option is blue painter's tape. Use the tape to create outlines on your walls representing different painting sizes and orientations.

Measuring tape for walls.
Always measure your space before shopping art.

Secondly, it is strongly recommended to take pictures of both the area where the artwork will be placed and your current art collection. These images will allow you to envision how the new piece will fit in with your existing pieces and determine whether it will work well in the space you have selected.

By taking these simple yet crucial steps, you can make an informed decision when purchasing art for your home or office and be confident that you have selected a piece that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your space.

Thank you for reading. To keep up with our latest art additions and all our artist's works follow us on Instagram and YouTube. And visit our Online Art Shop daily for new available artworks.



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