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The Good Art Co online fine art gallery.
Artist Omar Garza paints in oils, genache, & sketches in charcoal.

My goal as an artist is to continue at developing a unique and deep connection with nature and life around me, so that I can then translate this into a work of art and share my experience with the viewer.

My search for creative expression started out in my native South Texas, as I observed and studied the life in my surroundings. I have always endeavored to translate these things by experimenting with different mediums. The medium I prefer to work with is oil on panels that I prepare in my studio.
My love for art led me to study Graphic design and illustration at the Art Institute of Houston, where I graduated with an Associate's Degree in 1982. After that, I spent years refining my craft, always being able to work in a field that allowed me to be creative. Although I have had no formal training in fine art, I have spent much time studying the techniques of old, as well as modern day masters. I truly enjoy the discovery process and the technical execution that comes with every painting I create.

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