Creative ways to display paintings in your home.

Updated: Jun 23

Designate a gallery wall.

Choose a large feature wall or long hallway where you can keep adding to your collection over the years. This space will continue to evolve as you find new paintings to add to your collection and refresh your decor as you rearrange to accommodate the new additions.

Unify your collection with frames.

Even if each painting is a totally different style, subject matter, or by different artists framing them in the same style and or color frame will tie everything together.

Put paintings in unexpected places.

Mix your art in with your book collection. Display small paintings on easels in bookcases and place them on accent tables. Or prop a painting up against a wall. Not all your paintings need to be hung.

Make a statement.

A big painting can do a lot for any room. It creates drama, a focal point, and always makes your room feel bigger.

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