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Why should you buy original art?

Buying original art has many advantages over prints and mass-produced canvases. Here are my top reasons why.

Reason #1 - Original art can make a space.

It is rare to own anything that is completely unique except for original art. Where a print can readily be found in hundreds of homes one-of-a-kind artwork will make your space unique and personal. Why be like everyone else when you can bring personality to your interior design.

Reason #2 - It creates a memory.

Believe me you will never forget where and when you purchased your original art as opposed to a mass-produced canvas bought in a run of the mill trendy home decor retail store. Every time you look at your artwork you will be instantly transported to the moment you spotted it.

-"Every canvas is a journey all its own." – Helen Frankenthaler

Reason #3 - Become a collector.

Following an artist's career can be very rewarding. Seeing how their technique develops over time and their achievements will make you appreciate your original artwork even more. And spotting your next original artwork drying on their easel is the fun part.

Reason #4 - Feel inspired.

Original art makes you feel and think. Is there a story behind it? What was the artist thinking? Where is the artist from? Original art is not just pretty it can inspire emotion and energy. It can affect everyone differently. So just wait until your next dinner party and see how your guests each have a different feeling about your original artwork.

Reason #5 - You are supporting the arts.

The earth would be a sad, sad place without art. There would be no variety or creativity in the world. Patterns, color, texture, and shape would all be mundane and boring. Supporting the arts gives the artists and art galleries the ability to continue bringing beautiful one-of-a-kind creations into the world.

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