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Shop original fine art online.
Artist Lon Brauer paints for The Good Art Company original artworks.


“I look for things that I’ve never seen before or that I think will live within the broad world of art making with some relevance. It’s the editing process that dictates whether something hits the wall or not. I drive my paintings only to a point. I let the work itself have a hand in the final result. There are certain themes and visuals that excite me. I see the making of a painting as having two aspects – the subject and the mechanics. I’m enamored with how paint moves on the surface. I use brushes of course, but also try my hand with sandpaper, serrated knives, sticks, rags and whatever may give me an interesting mark. The mark making describes not only the subject and form of the painting but it also lends credence to the hand of the painter.  My hands are all over my work in some way or another.”

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