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Texas landscape artist Layne Johnson

"Someone recently asked me about my philosophy on art. And I realized, it’s really my philosophy on life, since art isn’t just something I do it’s part of who I AM. And I believe the world is a beautiful place. I want my art to be a break from all the chaos and negativity. So when I paint I focus on the beauty all around us. Whether that’s a stunning sunrise, an awe-inspiring sunset, or simply the way the light hits the trees. I want my paintings to move your emotions and bring joy to your heart. I believe life is precious and living with a grateful heart is a more fulfilling way to live. I believe beauty is all around us,

if we s-l-o w down long enough to see it.

 Everything I do stems from that philosophy. I hope when you watch me paint, or see one of my paintings, you feel that coming through."

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