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Fine art gallery, original art for sale, Fredericskburg, TX
Artist Carla D'aguano paints original oil paintings for The Good Art Company.


 Carla D’aguanno realized she was meant to be an artist at a very young age. She recalls her high school teachers commissioning her to paint their children & grandchildren in high school. After graduating from Otis/Parsons School of Design with a Bachelor’s Degree
in fine Art, she began her career as a movie poster artist, illustrating posters for movie advertisements companies in Los Angeles.
Carla soon realized that she needed to paint from the heart and the subjects of her affections. She turned to fine art & began painting women, children, horses & Western genre. Her love for the West clearly is evident in her work. She describes her technique as expressive representational art & claims her greatest challenge is bringing the beauty of her subjects to life on canvas. Her greatest source of inspiration comes from her faith in God who has given her the skill and ambition to paint since childhood.
Compelled by the breathtaking beauty of the Western plains, she often depicts her
subjects in a setting that reflects her love for the captivating landscapes of the region. Her challenge lies in capturing the innocence & beauty of her subjects to glorify the Creator, who in her opinion is the greatest artist of all.

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