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Realism Art or Traditional Representational

Realism Art or Traditional Representational? What is the difference?


Realism art and traditional representational art are often used interchangeably, but they do have distinct differences. Realism art aims to depict subjects as they appear in real life, focusing on the accurate representation of details such as lighting, texture, and perspective. Artists working in realism strive to create artworks that closely resemble reality, often using techniques like precise brushwork and careful attention to detail. One example of realism art at Good Art Company would be the work by artist Lee Alban.

realist painting of a world war Ii shop girl sanding metal
Original oil painting by Lee Alban.

On the other hand, traditional representational art encompasses a broader range of styles that aim to represent the subject in a recognizable manner, but may not necessarily prioritize an exact replica of reality. Traditional representational artists may take more liberties with colors, shapes, and compositions to convey a mood or emotion that goes beyond a literal interpretation of the subject. This style allows for more creativity and personal interpretation while still retaining a connection to the real world. Bill Farnsworth is one of our many artists who would be considered a traditional representational artist.

painting of a sunset with a field and stream
Original oil painting by Bill Farnsworth

In essence, realism art is a specific subset of traditional representational art that places a strong emphasis on accuracy and precision, while traditional representational art offers a wider scope for artistic expression and interpretation within the realm of representing recognizable subjects. Both styles have their own unique strengths and can evoke different responses from viewers based on the artist's intentions and the viewer's own perceptions.

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