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Artist Interview with Niki Gulley

We asked Niki Gulley what her art background was and she said she classically trained for six years in all 2-D media, starting with drawing from life and completing her studies with oil painting at a private art school in Chicago, Il. She then continued her art education at SMU in Dallas for another four years.

How did you develop your art style? Niki said that she took the traditional lessons she learned from the Old Masters and Impressionist techniques and incorporates a contemporary flare to bring a unique, modern feel to her creations.

Did you ever have a “day job” before you began painting full time? She said that upon graduation, she entered the world of advertising, working as art director for a Dallas magazine. After a few years passed, she felt like something was missing and started painting again during nights, weekends and any time she could find a free moment. After ten years, she left advertising to live her life’s dream of being a full-time artist.

How would you describe your work? Niki says she likes to focus on showing the landscape in a unique way. My highly textured paintings are a twist on reality with nature somewhat abstracted, leaving interpretation up to a person’s imagination. Layers and layers of paint cause my paintings to dance with light and dimension, while surprising impressionistic color pops allow you to see something different every time you look at my paintings.


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