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4 Questions-Layne Johnson

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

I get a lot of questions about Layne Johnson, his paintings, his inspiration, etc. So, after narrowing it down to the four most common questions asked, I sat down with Layne. Now I consider myself a little bit of a Layne Johnson expert, but I was even surprised by some of his answers. I hope you enjoy getting to know Layne a little better and if I didn't list your question below, let me know and I'll get you the answer!

Why did you choose the Texas Hill Country as a subject?

You know, I've painted many, many different things over my career. So, when I decided to focus on painting landscapes, I drove all over the Texas Hill Country and quickly fell in love. There's so much diversity of textures and structure. The contrasts. Magnificent rock formations interspersed with subtlety of form and color. The rocks, the flowers, the cactus … the wildness all dancing together in a symphony of color! So, my goal is to recreate that spectacle, or that experience for the viewer. So, they say, "That's what I remember and love!" Or "I feel like I could just step into the painting!" I thought I'd better paint those scenes and those experiences before it's gone or changed forever.

Do you paint commissions?

Yes. It's really awesome when I get to work with a collector on something special and unique for them. More than once, a collector has fallen in love with one of my paintings only to realize it's already been sold. Which opens the door for creating a custom painting. Then seeing the look on their faces when we do the "reveal" of the final painting, is personally very rewarding. Plus, collectors are all different, and I enjoy meeting them. It's always fun starting a painting for someone, knowing they're already a fan of my art!

Who has influenced your painting style the most?

If I had to choose one, I'd be forced to say Frederic Edwin Church. He always painted the magnificence of nature. I hope the clouds I paint reflect that austere grandeur. And what can I say, I'm a romantic. But still, that's a tough question because there are so many great artists to choose from. Depending on the painting, you might say I've been influenced by Maxfield Parrish or Fitz Hugh Lane due to their distinctive though different uses of light and color. In a different painting you might notice an influence of George Inness or even Dalhart Windberg. They painted paintings that have qualities of softness and atmospheric light treatment that have an appeal to me. I honestly don't think about it all while I paint, but upon reflection, I can see what's influenced me in creating my own unique style.

What makes a landscape canvas worthy and appealing to you to paint?

As I mentioned before, the structure. And when light strikes a certain feature on the landscape, creating a dramatic focal point, it gets my attention. To create an authentic feel in a painting is the goal I want to achieve.

I hope 4 Questions-Layne Johnson helped you to understand Layne's inspiration, drive, and technique. 4 Questions-Layne Johnson

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