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What Galleries look for in an artist and their work.

The process through which galleries choose artists is both intricate and multifaceted, reflecting a blend of artistic merit, market potential, and the gallery's specific vision or niche. At its core, the selection process is about finding a harmonious match between the artist's work and the gallery's brand, ensuring that both parties can mutually benefit and grow from the partnership.

Inside The Good Art Company showing landscape paintings hung on the wall and a horse painting on display.
Interior of The Good Art Company featuring artists Carla Bosch and Anne-Marie Kornachuk.

Galleries often begin by scouting for talent through a variety of channels. This can include visiting graduate shows at art schools, attending art fairs, browsing online art platforms, and even considering artists through direct submissions, although the latter can be more challenging due to the high volume of inquiries many galleries receive. Networking plays a crucial role; recommendations from other artists, curators, and art professionals can propel an artist into the gallery's view. This initial discovery phase is critical, as it allows galleries to uncover new talents who align with their curatorial preferences and market focus.

Once an artist catches a gallery's interest, the evaluation process intensifies. What galleries look for in an artist and their work depends on several factors, including the artist's unique voice and technique, the coherence and evolution of their body of work, their professional trajectory (exhibitions, residencies, awards), and how their work engages with current trends and dialogues in the art world. Additionally, the commercial viability of the artist's work—though not the sole consideration—is assessed in terms of potential collectors and market positioning.

Gallery owner Mary katherine Fickel stands next to big gold letters spelling out ART.
Gallery Owner Mary Katherine Fickel enjoys working directly with the artists she represents. Collaborating on unique collections of work to keep her collectors coming back.

Successful relationships are often built on shared values and goals, a strong commitment to the artist's career development, and a clear understanding of expectations from both sides. This careful selection process ensures that galleries not only enrich their roster with talented artists but also maintain a dynamic and engaging program that attracts collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

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