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3 Mistakes artists make when approaching a gallery for representation.

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

As an aspiring artist, it's important to understand the common mistakes that can be made when approaching a gallery for representation. Here are three mistakes to avoid:

1. Lack of research: One of the biggest mistakes artists make is not doing their research on the gallery they are approaching. It's crucial to understand the gallery's mission, aesthetic, and the type of artists they represent. This will help you tailor your approach and increase your chances of success.

2. Poor presentation: Another mistake is presenting your work poorly. This can include poor-quality images, improper framing or mounting, and inadequate descriptions of your work. Make sure to take the time to properly present your work and showcase it in the best possible light.

3. Unrealistic expectations: Lastly, it's important to have realistic expectations when approaching a gallery. Don't expect immediate representation or a quick response. Galleries receive many submissions and it can take time for them to review your work. Be patient and persistent, but also realistic in your expectations.

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