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Artist Cecelia Cox paints still life paintings in oil on canvas.
Cecelia Cox has explored a wide range of subjects as an oil painter. However, she is arguably best known for her evocative still life paintings. Cecelia is able to establish a charming sense of class and sophistication in her still life paintings -- even when working with the simplest of arrangements.

Cecelia Cox is drawn to serene compositions which explore the harmony of colors and

textures and the juxtaposition of the natural world and the man-made. She works from life,

in oil, using classical techniques to develop her paintings in layers, her set-ups illuminated

by the subtle beauty of north light. She also enjoys painting smaller floral studies alla prima.

She is a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America. She was honored to be the 2018 winner of the Robert Douglas Hunter Award in the Guild of Boston Artists Regional Juried Exhibition. She lives with her husband,

Ken, in Lancaster, PA.

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