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  • Original artwork by Wendy Vaughan
  • Oil painting on board
  • Painting size 14"x14"
  • Gray/Silver finish wood frame.
  • Size with frame 17"x17"x2"
  • Wall art ready to hang.
  • Surreal art with pointellism. Painting with two rabbits and a bird. Surrealism. Pointillism. Fine art.
  • Imagine a time when the animals, not the humans, are the dominant force in an otherwise recognizable world. Impossible you say. But is it really? I have supposed, through my artwork, that certain human characteristics have transferred, or been imparted to the animals, so that they now have the ability to Create, Rationalize, Fear, Lead, Reason, Analyze, Love, and so forth. My artwork depicts the animals in a somewhat parallel existence to our own, in all their glory, and with their own stories to tell.

Outside Looking In - 14x14 x Original Artwork

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