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  • Title: Flowing White
  • Original Artwork by Deborah Elmquist
  • Oil painting on linen canvas.
  • Painting size 21"x38"
  • Espresso finish wood float frame included.
  • Size with frame 25"x42"x3"
  • Wall art ready to hang.
  • A still life painting of a red vessel with a square patch multi-color velvet quilt spilling of the side of a wooden ledge. Dramatic light and shadows create drama and illuminate the subject matter. Realism. Fine art.
  • “I treat the lay of the fabrics as a landscape transformed by light, the pottery representing mankind metaphorically and the working of the earth by human hands warmed by light. I paint in oils for oils too metaphorically represent a complete circle of life – from earth to life, and from life to art – for the oils and color pigments too come from the earth. For me, painting in oils is a kind of spiritual experience in addition to being a personal means of expression.”  

Oil Painting | Original Art | 38x21 | Still Life | Flowing White

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