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  • Orignal artwork by Niki Gulley
  • Mixed Media on Canvas
  • Set of 3 Paintings
  • Painting size 18"x36" each
  • Dark wood float frame included.
  • Size with frame 22"x40"x2"
  • Landscape painting with bluebonnets, poppies, sunflowers, and lavendar. Heavy texture. 
  • Fine art. Palette knife painting. Triptych art.
  • Wall art ready to hang.
  • It’s from this search for inspiration that Niki translates onto canvas her emotion for the viewer to share. She seeks to capture the beauty & mysteries of our landscape, utilizing vivid color palettes to convey a particular mood. Gulley invites you to reconnect with nature & escape the day-to-day responsibilities along with her in these creations. 

Chromatic Transitions - Set of 3 - 18x36 each - Original Artwork

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