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How to take care of your newly purchased oil painting.

How to take care of your newly purchased oil painting. Below are a few tips.

Check out the environment where your treasure will be hanging and look at the following:

1. Avoid or limit direct sunlight. UV rays can lead to fading and yellowing of your paintings. 2. Dust can harm your painting. Clean with a soft brush and avoid feather dusters. Also, compressed air in a can works beautifully.

Most artists varnish their work, and this is a protective layer over the painting. This is very beneficial because it helps to protect the art from dust, sunlight, and debris.

Other factors such as smoke, kids with crayons, and red wine splashes are never a good thing!

These are prudent tips for taking care of your artwork, but I have been collecting oil paintings for years and have never had issues with any of the above. In my opinion, they are pretty hardy. Even a tear in canvas can be repaired by a restorer. The biggest crime to me is not hanging your painting where you can see it every day and know how lucky you are to own it!

Written by Mary Lindsey.

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