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  • Original artwork by Allison Leigh Smith
  • Oil painting on canvas
  • Painting size 9"x12"
  • Silver finish metal frame.
  • Size with frame 10" x 13" x 1.5"
  • Painting of a spotted Towhee perched in a berry bush in impressionistic style brush strokes.
  • It is my goal to convey each animal’s personality by painting them in a way that connects them to the viewer, as I have felt connected. I think painting a wild animal in their natural habitat has been done, and has been done masterfully. Originality is important to me, so I combine a multitude of techniques at which I excel to the process of creating a piece. You will find evidence of the years I spent in textile design. Some paintings combine photography and digital manipulation either in the final product or hidden within the journey to completion. Often I combine written words, remnants of graffiti, or my grandfather's art of calligraphy - all to add a human connection to my subject.  My ultimate goal is to share a very personal interpretation of the beauty and the vulnerability of the animals I have met and love.

Spotted Towhee - 9x12 - Original Oil Painting

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