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Why shop at boutique galleries instead of big box art stores?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

There is a daunting amount of art online and the majority of the time you can only find prints, giclees, or some other mass reproduction. Stop wasting your time shopping online with big box art stores like, Pottery Barn, & Saatchi Art, & shop boutique art galleries that have a carefully curated selection. Below are several benefits of shopping boutique galleries instead of big box art stores.

Bigger doesn't always mean better.

Yes, there are online galleries that boast how many categories they have to choose from, tons of features, & just about any image you can imagine but isn't that overwhelming to most? It's like going to a restaurant that has a menu selection of every type of food you could possibly think of. With boutique galleries, you are presented a selection of art by a curator who strives to provide a collector with a selection he or she considers the "best-of-the-best".

You can get someone on the phone.

In today's world customer service can be sparse & shopping experiences are becoming rare. Art is personal. It is personal to the artist, curator, and to the collector. If you have a question or would like to see more images of a painting the only assistance you can get sometimes is with an online robot when it comes to big box art stores. With boutique galleries giving personal customer service is a guarantee. And more than likely you will be dealing with a professional art salesperson or the art gallery owner.

Meet the Artist.

Shopping for art online with a store like Z Gallery is just about as impersonal as it gets. The likelihood of you meeting the artist is impossible because more than likely they don't even know who painted it. When you purchase art online or in person with a boutique gallery you will receive notifications either through mail or email of gallery events, special art openings, and new art arrivals where you can meet the artist.

I hope this has given some food for thought. Art collecting is supposed to be a personal experience that attaches you to the artwork on an emotional level.

Thank you for reading. To keep up with our latest art additions and all our artist's works follow us on Instagram and YouTube. And visit our Online Art Shop daily for new available original artworks.



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