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How do I choose my artists?

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

A question I've been asked hundreds of times.

Adding an artist to the gallery is not just a business decision but very personal to me. I have to absolutely love the art The Good Art Company represents. That is first and fore most but below are some key deciding factors that determine if an artist is the right fit for the gallery.

Brick wall with blank framed art displaying red questions marks.
Knowing your art market is the first step to choosing the right artists for your market.

Professional artists only please.

We only represent career artists. By career artists I mean artists that are painting full time and look at their work as a profession not as a hobby. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine if you are a full-time artist. Do I have a website and presence on social media? Do paint every day? Do I have a sales record? Am I advertising my art by participating in group shows, competitions, or art festivals?

How do I fit into the gallery?

If you have visited our Main Street location or browsed the online art shop, then you know I love variety. It is very important that each artist stands out from one another. I am not interested in taking on an artist that paints just like an artist I already represent.

Subject matter and Medium.

Yes, there are certain subject matters and mediums that are not as popular as others. For example, a desert pyramid scene with the sphinx painting is not a highly requested subject matter. More than likely, you would be interested in that while touring Egypt.

Medium is a whole different matter. Oils and Acrylic are a mainstay, but so much mixed medium is available now. I love when an artist has reinvented the wheel and combined mediums that create a unique and effective piece of art.

how do i choose my artists

how do i choose my artists

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