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Original fine art for sale The Good Art Company.
Artist Elizabeth Butler paints original artworks for The Good Art Company.


With still-life, I have the opportunity to arrange the subject myself, giving me insight into relationships between all organic matter. I carefully select and arrange a variety of organic shapes, colors, and textures to recreate in an arrangement the feeling of interconnected abundance; how different shapes and colors speak to each other in a new way when side by side. In landscapes and nature studies, I have the opportunity to explore nature as it presents itself and express its impression on me through color and mark-making. I am exploring the very heart of beauty, the unrepeatable flow of nature. It is seen in the breaking open of the sky when it rains, the mountain grasses in the wind, the grounding earth-red boulders, or the light bouncing off and through a lemon tree.

I am in love with the pounding vital life force energy that is vibrating all around us and at the same time through us and within us, with an infinite rhythm that leaves you still.

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