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Cassandra Bohne-Linnard


“Life – in all its beauty, fragility & ability

to transform – has always been my inspiration. I began my artistic journey with oils & acrylics when I was 20 years old. It’s no wonder that as a painter I became enamored with butterflies &

their miraculous, thought-provoking transformation. After painting a few butterfly pieces, I immediately turned

my attention to the real thing &

began preserving this wonder

of nature in various art forms.

My butterfly clocks capture the timeless beauty of real butterflies, in their natural, unadulterated state. In a world where human activity & global warming &

climate change threaten many butterfly species, I hope my clocks can preserve a record of this wonder of nature for future generations. By ensuring that I use only sustainably sourced butterflies I can

also make my own small contribution

to the survival of these species.

I strive to preserve the beauty of this delicate species &, in a sense, resurrect it through my art. My goal is to invoke a sense of life, resurrection & timelessness to all those who experience my art."

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